marți, 13 septembrie 2011

Reviews: Bliss, Ancient Wisdom

Paul Avgerinos
BLISS (Round Sky Music, RSM 1014)

The new album by Grammy nominated composer Paul Avgerinos is a perennial ambient work with a promising title - Bliss. And that’s truly what you will feel after 75 minutes of soft and rapturing harmonies circulating through your body-mind. It takes only ten tracks to experience an ineffable dwelling at the edge of your infinity. Avgerinos offers textural ambiances designed to create an environment where extraordinary vastness meets utter simplicity in the openness of this moment. The sounds are like ripples in the waterfall of Grace splashing in the ever-present ocean of pure consciousness. Just listen and flow with the music, rest in the soundwaves and find Bliss… Ecstatically recommended !

ANCIENT WISDOM (Witches on the Radiowaves, WOTR-10) 

On this journey into the arcane of ancient wisdom you will discover a treasure of musical allegories for the perennial knowledge. Salva Moreno focused his creative intensions on the Celtic legacy, evoking mythical beings and magical places in a true ambient fairytale. Ethereal streams of sounds flood the perceptions, interwining with sensual voices and mesmerizing electronic rhythms that conjure your imagination. Every piece  brings you deeper into the forest of dreams and legends echoing primeval songs of archetypal beauty. Most of the music carries a gentle elemental energy that inspires reverent communion with Nature, as in Forest Heartbeat, True Spirit of Nature and Earth Prayer. I found pleasantly surprising My Beloved Loneliness, a world-fusion ballade with a suave duduk over a chordal repetitive phrasing and diaphane chorus-like waves. "Ancient Wisdom" is not all atmospere and ambiance. Just listen Samhain  Ecstasy, Sancta Inquisito and Beltane Moon, three tracks that punctuate the epic dimension of the project with a more dynamic assertiveness. Psicodreamics never cease to amaze with every new album, it sounds better and better and still leaving an impression that the best is yet to come.

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